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Corporate History

1954 Uranium ore sorting test at Mitsubishi Metal (MMC) Nuclear Fuel Laboratory in Ohmiya
1959 R&D of nuclear fuel at Mitsubishi Atomic Power Industry (MAPI) Research Institute in Ohmiya
1960 Nuclear fuel conversion / fabrication development and testing at MMC / MAPI Research Institute in Ohmiya
1961 Acquisition of land for a nuclear fuel plant in Tokai-mura
1971, Dec. Foundation of Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd. (MNF)
1972, Jan. Acquisition of a license for nuclear fuel fabrication (MNF Tokai Plant)
1996, Dec. Acquisition of ISO 9002 certification
2001, Oct. Gained TPM Excellence Award
2009, Apr. Establishment of new structure of shareholders, and enlargement of activities to include development, design, manufacturing and sales of nuclear fuel

※TPM : Total Productive Maintenance
Contributing to the creation of a beautiful environment and a healthy society, guiding enterprises along the path to efficient manufacturing, with a constant focus on the creation of true value.